Are you OK?

Help is not far away

The support services below are there to offer you guidance in times of need. Should you wish to talk to someone for further recommendations please call our friendly team on 0800 423 888, or reach out to your Tutor, we are here to help.

Lifeline Aotearoa

Free helpline & text services provide 24/7, confidential support from health professionals and trained volunteers.

Call 0800 543 354

Victim Support

24/7 support services for people affected by crime, trauma, and suicide.

Call 0800 842 846

Mental Health Foundation

Information for anyone going through a difficult time, for people supporting someone they care about, and those interested in mental health and wellbeing.

Social Services Directory

Is suitable support not listed here?

Visit the Health Point social services directory below to search all services available in your area.

Housing Support

Free helpline.

NZ Housing services and support.

Call 0800 801 601

Community Groups

An o An online hub of resources designed to strengthen communities and allow you to connect with others.

Cultural Connections

An online directory of ethnic community organisations throughout Aotearoa.

Clothing (Salvation Army)

Reach out for assistance in times of need.

Call 04 802 6269


Online foodbank support. Request food parcel assistance online.

Disability Support

Here at Aspire2 Workplace Communication we actively work to support all and provide guidance and training solutions to students dealing with disability.

Take a moment to read over the steps we are taking as outlined in our Disability Action Plan below.

The Code of Practice at Workplace Communication

The Code of Practice has been designed to support learner wellbeing and safety. This in turn supports your learning.

We will be successful in achieving our Code of Practice objectives if while you are learning:

  • You are respected
  • You are supported in your learning and wellbeing
  • You are connected with social, academic and cultural networks
  • You have a voice in decisions about services

​​Our processes and practices will ensure that we deliver our objectives, and we are committed to involving you in ensuring that they work. Along with this we will review our processes and practices to make sure they continue to work for you.


Know the Code – Helpful Videos

NZQA has released a series of videos outlining what support domestic tertiary and all international learners can expect for their wellbeing and safety while studying. Although we do not provide NZQA programmes here at Aspire2 Workplace Communication, we adhere to the code in order to provide the highest level of care and support to our learners.

​You can watch the videos below.