Develop the most valuable asset within your organisation
– your people.

Access government-funded workplace based training for your team. Every training programme includes foundational literacy, communication and numeracy training components, and can include further additional core skills to turnaround your business challenges.

All programmes are free for eligible learners and delivered at your workplace or online.

Programme Overview

Core Content
  • Improved confidence in spoken and written communication, including listening skills, a focus on developing effective ways to give instructions, and how to participate productively in team meetings.

  • Upskill knowledge and understanding of company documents, supporting improved completion and accuracy; plus general principles of written communication in the workplace.

  • Focus on key numeracy skills, which could be for your team’s life skills, such as understanding their payslip and budgeting, or more operational skills, such as improved mental maths strategies, understanding graphs and tables, weights, and other workplace tasks.
  • Wellbeing concepts and dealing with change positively.
  • An understanding of solution focused practices and adopting a continuous improvement approach to workplace tasks.

All our programmes focus on key skills but what we deliver is tailored at every step and aimed to close the gap between potential and performance in your organisation.

In addition you may also wish to include a focus on these areas


Know yourself, know your team, team dynamics
Understanding professional behaviour

Understand different working styles

Participate activity in meetings

Health & Safety

Improve the knowledge and understanding of H&S in the workplace

Health & Safety workplace legislation.

Employer and employee rights and responsibilities.

The importance of Personal Protective Equipment.

Safety management through processes and documentation

Customer Service

Improve skills and understanding in customer services

Develop skills to pre-empt customers’ needs ahead of time.

Improve skills to deal with challenging customer service situations

Develop writing skills to professionally respond to customer complaints

Digital Literacy

Improve confidence in digital workplace processes
Basic Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint skills

Understanding email etiquette.

Improve confidence in workplace apps.

Develop online meeting skills and etiquette.

Cover online security and safety.


Develop effective leadership traits and styles

Learn strategies to motivate and develop teams.

Improve delegation and prioritising skills to ensure task completion.

Develop skills to run effective meetings

Developed strategies to minimise and de-escalate conflict.

To further enhance your training we offer additional free and paid training components

How it Works

We provide training for small groups at a time and place that works for your organisation.

Adult education is focused on breaking down barriers to learning, making material accessible and relevant to staff. Our highly skilled tutors deliver constantly reviewed and updated materials, to the teams where your organisation will see the most reward. And you enjoy the benefits of a more engaged workforce immediately and for a long time after the training has finished.

For a fuller review of the process check out Our Process

Exceptional Service

We strive to provide the highest quality training programmes to our clients and exceptional support to our learners.

We regularly receive positive feedback from clients and leaners taking part in our workplace training programmes.