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How do we know what type of training we need?

You tell us!  Contact us, discuss your requirements and we can tailor a solution.  Before training commences, we confirm with you that we have understood your specific needs, goals and desired outcomes. Check out Our Solutions which can be customised to your specific needs.

Are your programmes only for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students?

Not at all, the programme focus and funding is around improving communication skills and confidence for all levels.

Can the programme be tailored to our business?

Absolutely. All Aspire2 Workplace Communication programmes are customised.  We can work with you to build a programme that meets your needs.

Can leadership skills be included?

Definitely! Many of the topics covered are useful as a foundation for building leadership skills including communication, courageous conversations, active listening, running team meetings, delegation, giving effective instructions and respectful feedback.

Where will the training sessions be held?

At your place – onsite at your premises. We can also facilitate training via Zoom, Teams or similar.

Do you only work with specific industry sectors?

No! We work with all industries and sectors in New Zealand.

Do you train all over NZ/Aotearoa?

Yes, we usually train at your site(s), but we can also work with you to find a local training location if preferred or offer Zoom/Teams if staff at numerous sites.

What paperwork is involved in the funding?

Very little.  We take care of all the administration and reporting.

Do you cater to learning difficulties, such as autism?

Yes, each learner has a confidential individual assessment by the tutor at the start of the process.  This will allow us to identify any extra support that might be required.  We also have an extensive Disability Action Plan to cater to any individual learning needs.

Do you train at night or early morning in with shifts?

Yes, so staff do not have to do any additional hours to complete this training, we work to find a tutor who can train at the times of your shifts.

Was funding affected with the change in government?

Funding is set aside on an annual basis.  We have secured funds for you for 2024 and happy to talk to you about eligibility directly.

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