Leanne Clifton

Sales Director

Leanne believes that our training changes lives. Not only are there benefits to the business including increased productivity and staff engagement, the most rewarding part is what the learners themselves get out of the training. The graduations can be emotional occasions, hearing stories about how it has helped the learners in their jobs and at home. The ideas they share can be fantastic for the business. Leanne wants to make a difference and believes this role provides that opportunity. Particularly for those that may not have had the chance to get a good education, or have English as a second language, yet have other amazing skills. Given the tools to communicate effectively opens a whole new world for them. I have seen learners go on to get job promotions, improve their relationships at home, become leaders in their communities and overall have increased their confidence and self-worth.

Leanne loves meeting a variety of different people. On any one day it could be meeting the owner of a supermarket, the CEO of a logistics company, the Production Manager of a pharmaceutical company or an HR Business Partner for the local council to name just a few.

She thrives on being seen as a trusted business partner.

The most successful Relationship Managers are the ones that truly believe in what they are selling. Leanne truly believes that our business is one that genuinely cares about every person we deal with, and our offer is genuine.

Leanne has worked in sales for over 18 years in various industries and has been with Aspire2 Workplace Communication since mid-2017. Her role is to reach out to businesses and inform them of our government funded training opportunities, explaining the process, benefits and the criteria.

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