Case study


Waimea Nurseries – A transformative journey


Waimea Nurseries, a leading producer of fruit, nut, berry, and ornamental trees in New Zealand, embarked on a transformative journey with Aspire2 Workplace Communication. In this client feedback story, Daniel Mahony (Dan), GM People, Capability and Safety at Waimea Nurseries shares their positive experience and the significant impact their bespoke Workplace Communication training programme had on their organisation’s growth.

In recognising the common aspiration among primary industries to develop their workforce, there are often challenges faced, such as high costs, training schedules and limited accessibility to quality training that does not require travel for team members.

Aspire2 Workplace’s commitment to delivering fully funded and impactful training resonated strongly with Waimea Nurseries. The delivery of the training on site and at a time that suits the company schedule was a huge step in ensuring all team members were set up for success.

Key Factors of Success

Dan applauds Aspire2 Workplace Communication for their effective communication and responsiveness throughout the development and training process.

“From Jason’s efforts, our Relationship Manager, in arranging the programme and keeping us well informed, right through to the passionate Tutor, engaging and building meaningful relationships with all learners, we couldn’t have asked for better…. We loved seeing the Tutor and students swapping gardening tips during their sessions.”

The personal connections with the team, making the learning experience engaging and tailored to their needs really stood out. Having bespoke training that spoke to the needs of the organisation really ensured that Waimea gained valuable growth for their people and the business as a whole.

Trust forms the bedrock of every fruitful business alliance. Dan and his team also commend Aspire2 Workplace Communication for their authentic inquisitiveness and sincere dedication to understanding Waimea Nurseries’ operations and personnel. This proved instrumental in fostering a strong bond of trust.

Tailored Training Approach

Aspire2 Workplace Communication’s flexibility in providing training tailored to the specific needs of Waimea Nurseries set them apart. By stepping away from strict unit standards, Aspire2 Workplace Communication designed a framework that directly addressed the unique requirements of the workforce at Waimea. This collaborative approach allowed Waimea to actively participate in designing their training programme to align with their specific goals and challenges, adding exceptional value to the partnership.

Managing Self and Others

The training emphasised the importance of managing oneself before effectively managing others, enabling leaders to become more conscious of their emotions and their impact on team interactions. This newfound self-awareness has empowered the training graduates to navigate difficult situations and maintain positive communication within the organisation.

A Noticeable Impact on Communication:

A remarkable transformation was observed in team members’ communication and problem-solving skills as a direct result of the programme. The training provided by Aspire2 Workplace Communication empowered them to improve their presentation abilities, enabling them to articulate their ideas and feedback effectively with their peers, to a group and to their leaders.

Beyond this their new skills gave them the confidence in delivering presentations. Their heightened skills and confidence were showcased during their recent graduation celebration where heart-warming learner presentations were given by the students to an audience of their peers and higher-level stakeholders, including the CEO. They would have never dreamed of having the confidence and skills to present ahead of the training.

The positive outcomes experienced by the Waimea Nurseries team and the broader organisation continue to be reaped as a result of the training provided by Aspire2 Workplace Communication. The programme’s personalised approach, and emphasis on self-awareness and effective communication have made a substantial impact on the professional growth of the team and the wider organisation.

“We thank Aspire2 Workplace Communication for their dedication to our people and the care taken in fostering a true partnership for the betterment of our people.” – Dan Mahony, Waimea Nurseries.

Key business impacts for Waimea Nurseries:

Innovative thinking

Problem Solving skills, critical thinking

Effective Communication

Improved staff communication skills

Personal Growth

Improved skills in managing self and others

Leadership skills

Strengthened leadership skills, listening skills, presentation skills