Develop the most valuable asset within your organisation
– your people.

Access government-funded workplace based training for your workforce. Every training programme includes foundational literacy, communication and numeracy training components while focusing on additional core skills essential to the growth of your business.

All programmes are free* of charge and delivered at your workplace or online.

*Learner Eligibility Criteria applies, we will discuss this with you.


You choose!  Select one of the programme themes below, a mix of a few or talk to us about something new.

We can customise a programme that gets to the heart of your business challenges.


Onboarding Success

Finding the best candidates for positions in your organisation is only part of building an effective team. WPC tailored programmes support your onboarding across the critical first months.

Wellbeing & Resilience

Even on the best days, stress can prevent us from being fully focused and doing our best work. Too much of it can lead to burnout, disengagement, more sick days, and strained relationships in the workplace.

Digital Literacy

Whatever the digital challenge is within your workforce, we can tailor a programme to support your requirements. Boost your teams’ digital confidence now.

Aspiring Leaders

More than ever, businesses are recruiting from within. Do you have staff that are missing some key communication, literacy and numeracy skills to fulfil their new roles? Talk to us about our tailored programmes.

Dealing With Change

Knowing how to manage change will uplift a team, increase engagement and involvement from staff and even improve the bottom line.

Literacy & Numeracy

Staff held back by their literacy or numeracy skills? Our core business is to tailor programmes that will give your staff confidence and knowledge in these often missed skills.

Effective Efficiency

See the benefits of a focus on continuous improvement with improved numeracy, planning, digital and customer service skills. Helps the bottom line but also increases employee engagement.

Exceptional Customer Service

“It takes months to find a customer, seconds to lose one”.  Let us tailor a solution to get the fundamental elements of exceptional service right.

Working With Automation

More than ever, operations are implementing automation in the workplace. Our tailored training will help your staff embrace automation and gain skills to operate new equipment/systems.


Giving effective instructions to ensure understanding (verbally or written) are skills that need to be coached. This alongside confidence to speak up can be transformative to your business.

Apprenticeship Fast Start

Do you have apprentices that will struggle with completing documents, using technology or facing other literacy barriers? We can work with you to fast track their learning and hit the ground running.

Future Ready

The world of work is rapidly changing for us all.  Do your people have the skills to adapt, communicate and thrive during disruption?

Financial Literacy

52% of New Zealanders are not confident about managing money on a day-to-day basis. Whether its basic calculations, cash handling or managing finances, we have the solution.

Quality Assured

When your teams understand quality processes and procedures this sets the business up for continuous improvement. Benefits are seen for the employee and employer with boosted productivity and significantly reduced wastage.

Health & Safety Compliance

If you have a team that needs support with understanding Health & Safety policies and procedures, enacting and positively advocating them, a tailored programme can be delivered for you.

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Exceptional Service

We strive to provide the highest quality training programmes to our clients and exceptional support to our learners.

We regularly receive positive feedback from clients and leaners taking part in our workplace training programmes.

Exceeded our Expectations

Ballance Agri-Nutrients Client Feedback


“Marcus’s team was able to reduce the cost for the season by $50,000+ as a result of the training. This has far exceeded our expectations from the ‘Aspiring Leaders’ programme and I would highly recommend it to other businesses”

Value & Worth

Learner Feedback


“This programme has helped me at work as I now know my value and worth. Being able to tell my ideas and opinions. Making sure my team are safe and they are able to get home safely”

Team Bonding

Aspect Roofing Client Feedback


“This course served as the perfect platform for the newly formed teams to get to know each other, come out of their shells and bond as a team.”