Case study

Wellington City Mission

Wellington City Mission is dedicated to empowering its people and communities to experience the fullness of life, and effective communication is key to achieving this goal.

Transformative Training

Wellington City Mission recently shared its positive experience partnering with Aspire2 Workplace Communication to enhance their team’s workplace skills. The organisation is committed to empowering people and communities to experience a fulfilling life, and they recognise that effective communication is essential to achieving this objective.

One aspect of why Wellington City Mission felt Aspire2 Workplace Communication was distinguished from other providers was the ability to customise solutions that meet the specific needs and culture. Given that Wellington City Mission’s team comprises members from diverse backgrounds and skill levels, they required a training solution that could be tailored to address their unique challenges. The team at Aspire2 Workplace Communication impressed them with their approach, closely collaborating with them to identify key areas such as written communication, effective handovers, and verbal communication, and creating content accordingly.

Moreover, Wellington City Mission was able to access this valuable training through the support of the Government’s Literacy and Numeracy fund, enabling them to receive high-quality training without incurring significant costs. The money saved is redirected toward supporting those in need, making this partnership a win-win situation.

A game changer

The training has been a game-changer for the team. With everyone working to the same cohesive plan around communication and professionalism, they are better equipped to serve those they work with. The participants are becoming critical thinkers, gaining a better understanding of what they can and
cannot do, and learning what appropriate actions to take in their work.

A great rapport between leaders and tutors

The tutor assigned to our organisation has been exceptional,” said Jacob Cleghorn, Kaihautū.

She established a great rapport with the team, and they appreciated her ability to make the content engaging and fun. The quizzes and competitions she incorporated kept things lively and offered plenty of laughs. They were also pleased to find that Workplace Communication was receptive and supportive of their requests for additions to the training content. The training was adapted quickly to include our documents and readings, making the program even more relevant to our needs.

They are already seeing improvements in our team’s writing skills and handover process. and now have a better understanding of what information needs to be shared and how to communicate it professionally.

Key business impacts for Wellington City Mission:

Employee Engagement

Increased employee


Increased effective communication
between staff


Improved understanding of what information needs to shared and how to communicate it professionally


Improved understanding of internal documents and processes

Safer Workplace

Ballance Agri-Nutrients


“There is greater depth of understanding of health and safety in the workplace, resulting in a safer workplace for all.”

Effective Leader

Learner Feedback

Learner Feeedback

“I am now able to manage a team smoothly and effectively. They now open up and bring their own ideas which I listen to.”

Embracing Digital

Aspire2 Observations


From using Google maps and YouTube to emailing attachments and photos, learners’ digital capabilities were given a powerful boost.