Exceptional Customer Service

Does your team know how to delight and retain your customers?

How your team works together and with your customers has a big impact on business growth. Opportunities to improve these skills always bring wide reaching benefits to the entire organisation. We can work with you to develop a tailored programme to grow and develop the skills needed to get this fundamental element right.

2 out of 5 adults

Will struggle to :-
  • Complete workplace documents

  • Understand company processes and procedures

  • Problem solve

  • Calculate or estimate qualtities

  • Understand and follow instructions

“It takes months to find a customer . . . seconds to lose one”.

Our training programme can help!

Benefits to your business
  • Improved skills to deal with challenging customer service situations

  • Improved understanding of the role of customer services

  • Better work collaboration across different teams and seeing colleagues as customers

  • Increased retention and loyalty of customers


“I’ am happy I got to learn about the different personality types as each are different and this has helped me be more sympathetic/empathetic towards them”. Learner – Solomon Group.

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Programme Facts

Our programmes are available to employers and completed in small groups. These programmes are based on core literacy, communication and numeracy training and tailored to overcome the problems your particular business may be trying to solve.

Thanks to the Government’s focus on improving workplace literacy, all of our bespoke training programmes are completely free*. Funding is limited, therefore we can only facilitate training for a select group of clients each quarter. Get in quick and secure your funding today.

*Learner eligibility criteria applies.