Health & Safety Compliance

Let us help your team understand Health & Safety at work.

Health & Safety is important no matter where we work, but for some operations it is critical. If you have a team or group that needs support with understanding Health & Safety policies and procedures, enacting and positively advocating them, a tailored programme can be developed for you.

2 out of 5 adults

Will struggle to :-
  • Complete a Health & Safety form

  • Understand Health & Safety procedures

  • Identify signs and hazards

  • Communicate about Health & Safety with their colleagues

  • Report incidents

82% of businesses surveyed associated increased health and safety with their workplace’s literacy and basic skills training programme.

Our training programme can help!

Benefits to your business
  • Improved Health & Safety compliance

  • Improved comprehension of Health & Safety policies and procedures

  • Increase in understanding of Health & Safety forms and their correct use

  • Increase in staff confidence to speak up about hazards

  • Improved workplace understanding of Health & Safety signage/notices


“Due to their improved confidence, the guys feel more comfortable asking for assistance. They are also now involved in hazard ID, safety assessment and developing controls to manage risks. Senior Managers are being approached with ideas and useful suggestions are being offered on how to make the workplace safer.” – Health & Safety Manager – Construction Company.

Programme Facts

Our programmes are available to employers and completed in small groups. These programmes are based on core literacy, communication and numeracy training and tailored to overcome the problems your particular business may be trying to solve.

Thanks to the Government’s focus on improving workplace literacy, all of our bespoke training programmes are completely free*. Funding is limited, therefore we can only facilitate training for a select group of clients each quarter. Get in quick and secure your funding today.

*Learner eligibility criteria applies.